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Recruitment Marketing Director

Executive Search. Mobile Apps Startup - Chief Marketing Officer (CMO)-confidential recruitment.

Our client (NDA) is an innovative startup specializing in mobile application development. The company, which is undergoing rapid growth, focuses on providing cutting-edge mobile solutions to a wide range of users worldwide. The client is a leader on the Polish market and intends to become a leader on the European market. For this ambitious task, it needed an exceptionally skilled CMO.

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Rekrutacja miedzynarodowa business development manager w pradze<br />

Ebury - Business Development Manager (Prague)- international recruitment.

Our client Ebury is a fast-growing FINTECH finance company specializing in financial and foreign exchange solutions for businesses. Headquartered in London, Ebury has a global reach, offering its services in many international markets. The company is known for its innovative approach to finance, and its mission is to facilitate international business transactions for companies.

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BDM Recruitment

Sigma Connectivity - International Business Development Manager

Sigma Connectivity is an innovative technology company, a leader in advanced technical solutions. Since 2010, it has been working with international brands, providing expertise in the areas of telecommunications, consumer electronics and Industry 4.0. Sigma Connectivity's team of specialists is constantly striving to create solutions that shape the future of technology, combining knowledge with a passion for innovation.

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Recruitment of a manager of electrical works

Connthink Electrical Works Manager

Our client, Connthink, is a renowned company specializing in providing innovative electrical installation solutions, which is formed by a group of experts with many years of experience. The company is a recognized expert in the implementation and integration of electronic and electrical systems and the provision of network-based solutions


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Case stty Fast Forward Solutions - findc head of software house


Executive Search. Client with NDA - Head of the Software House - confidential recruitment.

Our client is a renowned IT company specializing in providing innovative IT solutions to clients in various sectors, including industry, commerce, finance and services. The company has been gaining recognition over the years as an expert in implementing and integrating IT systems such as SAP and providing cloud-based solutions


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Case study for Future Procesiing recruitment project done by fast forward solutions

Future Processing - Business Development Manager (International Markets).

Future Processing is an IT company that specializes in designing and developing custom software for clients in various industries. Future Processing has more than 1,000 employees who work on projects for clients from all over the world. The company serves a wide range of industries, including finance, insurance, medicine, e-commerce and many others.


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Executive Search. Doxy Chain - Head of Sales

DoxyChain is an innovative Start-up, a pioneer of DLT DMS technology. It provides the first, most cost-effective, modular Blockchain infrastructure for DMS. It creates an entire Blockchain infrastructure for document management implemented by smart contracts, with APIs for major enterprise applications and other Blockchains.


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Executive Search. Avenir Medical - Head of IT&E-Commerce

AVENIR MEDICAL is a company that has been committed to providing the best quality products and services that improve the quality and comfort of vision. The scope of its business is divided into three categories: Retail, Online/e-commerce and Brands. Avenir Medical's management needed help finding aHead of IT/ E-Commerce to join its business management team in Poland.

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Head of IT recruitment for Family Group

Executive Search. Family Group - Head of IT

FAMILY GROUP is a manufacturing company in the bakery industry, a family-owned bakery that treats its customers like family members. Every baked product from their bakery is made with the utmost care and concern for quality, so that each is accompanied by homemade character and delicious taste.

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case study Perfect Gym by Fast forward Solutions

Executive Search. Perfect Gym - Head of Sales

Perfect Gym is a rapidly growing company offering comprehensive software solutions in the field of fitness club management. Their innovative software enables fitness clubs, gyms, swimming pools and other sports facilities to be managed more efficiently and flexibly.


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Inspeerity - 3x .NET Developer

Inspeerity is a Polish software house based in Bialystok and Warsaw, Poland, specializing in full stack software development - experienced engineers and product strategists can step into every phase of a project's lifecycle - from defining project requirements to designing, building and deploying web, backend, enterprise and mobile applications. Due to the rapid growth of new projects, the company was looking for three Senior .NET Developers.

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Safilo - Sales Team ( 5 Sales Reps)

Founded in 1934 in Italy's Veneto region, Safilo Group is a major player in the eyewear industry in the design, manufacture and distribution of eyeglass frames, sunglasses, sports eyewear, goggles and helmets. The group designs and manufactures its collections, combining stylistic, technical and industrial innovations with quality and skillful workmanship. Safilo was keen to quickly and efficiently build a sales team from scratch.

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Pearl Convert - 5x Magento Developer

Pearl Group is the leading IT partner for business solutions and e-commerce in the Nordic region, and the largest SAP partner in Norway. The company has achieved growth of 20-25% over the past five years. Pearl Group's clients include companies such as Bohus, Motek, Fjellsport, Telenor, Komplett, Norengros, Jernia, Outnorth, Vitus, Norgesgruppen, and H&M. Convert has turned to Fast Forward Solutions for support in recruiting 5 Magento 2 Developers

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