Recruitment and its ineffective processes, lead to the selection of an incompetent employee, is an increasingly common phenomenon. The labor market is demanding, and not only for job seekers, but also for employers themselves, who need specialists. Too few qualified and experienced people willing to work is a problem for many industries, especially IT. Are there certainly not enough qualified people on the job market, or is the problem in the search and hiring process? In some companies, the methods of recruiting new employees have not changed for many years. It is worth noting new methods of recruitment. Very importantly, low-level recruitment can reflect negatively on the company itself and contribute to weakening the strength and image of its brand. Many people who are dissatisfied with an interview say they will advise others against applying to that company. Improving the quality of the hiring process should become key for any employer.

Candidate Experience - Recruitment and HR support for process improvement

In the world of recruitment, increasing attention is being paid to Candidate Experience, which literally means "candidate experience." This concept consists of a number of activities - from improving recruitment standards, to verification and testing of those involved in recruitment. Such tests are created not only at the time of hiring, but are also performed in other conditions, on specific groups of professionals, for example, Java programmers are examined by questionnaires. They are asked questions about what they expect during recruitment, what is important to them in the process, what a potential employer should not do. Taking care of CE is an invaluable aid in recruiting employees. What are the three most common mistakes that stand in the way of positively recruiting qualified employees? Find out by reading on!

Recruiting job candidates - what mistakes to beware of?

1. Unreliable job advertisements

Recruitment ads, from which it is impossible to extract relevant information for candidates, will not be popular. They are the company's first opportunity to present itself and attract the attention of desirable candidates. If they don't include specifics about requirements, scope of tasks and price range, the best ones won't send their application. Nowadays, it is not only the employer who chooses the employee, it is the qualified employee who also chooses the most suitable one from among several companies. Recruitment begins with planning the writing of the ad. A poorly constructed ad negatively affects branding right from the start. The use of phrases such as "attractive salaries" or "great atmosphere" by recruiters is negatively perceived. Candidates expect specific information from the beginning about the responsibilities of the position, working hours, salary ranges. Lacking the above, most do not even decide to send an application. This exposes them to wasted time, which has happened in their previous recruitments. This is one of the most common mistakes that negatively affect the employee hiring process.

Waiting too long for feedback or no feedback at all

Recruitment and no contact from the potential employer? In short, it is very unprofessional. Employees expect feedback, further feedback on the various stages. It is also important to inform the person quickly. The sooner, the better - such a person should not be blocked. This helps build good relations between the parties and establish a professional image of a company that cares about its future employees. The absence of the above creates anxiety in candidates, who are unsure whether they should start looking around for other offers. Among the negative feelings about recruitment, it is very often mentioned that candidates do not know when they can expect a response about their recruitment. This makes them lose confidence in the company from the start. Those who have not been recruited and have not been informed about it bring negative experiences from their contact with a particular company. Not only can they speak ill of it to outsiders, building a negative brand image, but they are also less likely to participate in future recruitments.

3. recruiters unprepared for interviews

A lot is required of candidates for the positions offered. Unfortunately, according to employees, it is sometimes the case that it is the recruiters who are characterized by poor preparation for the interview. Sometimes they do not have expert knowledge of what the job entails. They ask questions for which they have answers copied from a knowledge base. Recruitment, during which the candidate extensively and explains given concepts in different categories, and the recruiter does not know if the answer is right - is a waste of time. Another mistake duringjest that they do not read the documents provided by the candidate beforehand. Among other complaints, it is worth mentioning such as the repetition of the same questions at successive stages of recruitment.