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Fast Forward Solutions Executive Search Recruitment Company. We are specialists in digital and technology recruitment , understanding business challenges across technology, finance and sales. We support employers in finding the best talent and encourage candidates to build exciting careers.

A radically different approach to finding the best candidates, recruitment and talent advice

Fast Forward Solutions is an executive search firm that specialises in working with internet and technology companies to build world-class management teams.

We believe that the key to successful executive search is getting the details right - whether identifying, attracting, assessing or closing candidates, we take care of all these elements in the search process. We provide our clients with advice that mitigates the risks associated with any recruitment process. At FFS, we are here to both listen to your requirements and advise on how best to find, attract and assess the right candidates.

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FFS recruitment agency it
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By creating the right process and running your recruitment project effectively, we can significantly increase your chances of finding and Attracting the best people. Our network and tools allow us to create the right strategy for each client, using our own research and industry sources to identify the most suitable companies in the sector and conduct an effective and targeted search process. This approach allows us to quickly focus and contact the most suitable candidates to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Through our proprietary eight-step process IMPACT SEARCH ™ our recruitment services deliver role-matched, top quality candidates - within 14 days on average!

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How can we help?

Our recruitment company Fast Forward Solutions will provide a high value HR consultancy service with an attractive budget, we attract and manage candidates through our executive search./direct search recruitment service.

Our services streamline the traditional recruitment process, delivering quality candidates to the job market in a very fast 14 days.

We use a combination of cloud-based management software, highly effective candidate sourcing tools powered by AI and our in-house recruitment skills to target the best talent in the market, enabling us to receive applications quickly and reduce costs per hire.

With over 35 years of experience in our space, our professionals have built a network of contacts and knowledge of how to prepare a job offer to attract the best possible candidates.

Choose the right option for you


Consultancy for the creation of an EVP (Employee Value Proposition)

Reaching out to "Passive Candidates" and top employees of competitors

Effectively selling your "message" to passive candidates, with information on why they should join your organisation
Full confidentiality and implementation of confidential projects
Consultancy for the preparation of an attractive job offer for the candidate and assistance with termination at the old employer
Full involvement in the project and the possibility of 365/24/7 contact with us

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Guarantee for recruited candidates

For every candidate recommended by Fast Forward Solutions, we offer a long employment guarantee of 3-12 months. This means that if a candidate's contract is terminated, FFS recruits another matched candidate under the guarantee at no cost to the client

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Latest recruitment tools

All your candidates are saved for you in an easy-to-use application, rated #1 ATS/CRM by Gartner. This allows you to track applications as well as schedule interviews, enabling you to significantly streamline your recruitment process.


Quickly and efficiently match candidates in 14 days

The best part of our online recruitment service is that we operate quickly within a financially attractive budget. Our average time to present matched candidates is 14 days! This is possible by using the latest sourcing and recruitment tools available on the market.

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Sectoral specialisation

We are the only fixed fee recruitment agency that specialises in creating custom recruitment campaigns for the sector you are recruiting in. This includes sales, digital marketing, IT, admin, finance, HR and many more.

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Developing and selling your "message"

When we start our IMPACT SEARCH PROCESS, we develop a specific message with you for passive candidates which we communicate and sell to your candidates. In the IT employee market, this is a very important part of bringing the best talent on board.

Linkedin top 5% recruiter worldwide

Expertise in sourcing

Fast Forward Solutions and Thomas - have received an award from Linkedin joining the top 5% of recruiters in the world using Linkedin. We are skilled at finding the best talent. Candidates like to talk to us because we understand their business and are therefore credible.

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