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Fast Forward Solutions Executive Search Recruitment Company. We are specialists in digital and technology recruitment , understanding business challenges across technology, finance and sales. We support employers in finding the best talent and encourage candidates to build exciting careers.

We create lasting relationships - Customer and Candidate satisfaction first!

We are a leading candidate recruitment company for executive and management positions. Our goal is to provide high quality candidate search and selection services that meet the needs of our clients

We believe that the key to successful executive search is getting the details right - whether identifying, attracting, evaluating or closing candidates - we take care of all of these elements in the search process. We provide our clients with advice that mitigates the risks associated with any recruitment process. At Fast Forward Solutions, we are here to both listen to your requirements and advise you on how best to find, attract and evaluate the right candidates.

We operate in a variety of industries and functional areas, enabling us to find the best talent that fits your organization's unique requirements. Whether you need a CEO, president, board member or other key leader, you can rely on our experience and expertise


What can I expect from Fast Forward Solutions on an executive search project?

Guarantee for recruited candidates

In view of the high standard of our services and in order to build a partnership of long standing based on trust and loyalty, we provide our clients with a 6-12 month guarantee for each candidate hired on our recommendation.

Overview of the candidate market

Complete market overview - we contact every candidate, even those who are not thinking of changing jobs.

Added value - full information about managers' availability, financial expectations, willingness to change jobs and perceptions of your company

Full confidentiality

All of our Executive Search activities are based on professional ethics and a commitment to the highest standards of confidentiality. As a result, we create a trusted relationship with both our clients and candidates, which enables us to effectively achieve our recruitment goals and build lasting relationships with both parties.

The best available candidates on the market

To make this work we use the most effective method of mapping the candidate market along with the use of Direct Search medodology .

We can find the people with the most knowledge, experience, fit to your company's DNA, and convince those who are not convinced to talk.

Taking care of image

Taking care of your company's image in the market - your projects will be led by the most experienced consultants.

Costs - each project is priced individually, we will propose various cost-effective cooperation models

Our remuneration can be specified as a percentage of the candidate's/candidate's annual salary or as a fixed amount.

By creating the right process and successfully executing an executive search recruitment project, we can significantly increase your chances of finding and attract the best people. Our network and tools allow us to create the right strategy for each client, using our own research and industry sources to identify the most suitable companies in the sector and conduct an effective and targeted search process. This approach allows us to quickly focus and contact the most suitable candidates to meet our clients' specific requirements.

Through our proprietary eight-step process IMPACT SEARCH ™ our recruitment services deliver role-matched, top quality candidates - within 14 days on average!

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