We effectively help build IT | E-Commerce | Digital Marketing | Sales teams

We provide professional services and recruitment solutions in the field of IT and new technologies for clients in EMEA and worldwide.

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About us

Who are we?

We are a boutique recruitment agency specialising in the areas of IT | E-Commerce| Digital Marketing | Sales.

Our team consists of experienced specialists who know the trends, directions and prospects for development of the labour market.

We know that the key to the success of any project is communication, so we listen carefully to our clients to learn about their needs, understand their organisational culture and propose unique solutions that will best meet their expectations.

With our knowledge, competence, practice and individual approach, we provide our clients with solutions that help them achieve ambitious goals, succeed and grow their organisations.


Models of cooperation

RaaS (Recruitment as a Service) - hire a recruiter for 1-2 projects

A model of cooperation where our recruiter handles your recruitment project on a monthly subscription basis. The model allows you to save up to 50% of the costs compared to the traditional agency model. 

RPO (Recruitment Process Outsourcing) - hire an exclusive recruiter

A cooperation model where our recruiter handles several of your recruitment projects on a monthly basis. The model allows saving up to 65% of costs as compared with the traditional agency model. The model is designed to support your recruitment project.

Direct Placement Permanent Recruitment of professionals and managers

A recruitment model based on a highly effective method Direct Search. We reach passive candidates who will not apply to your recruitment advertisement on their own. Our candidates are guaranteed for 3-6 months.

Recruitment marketing

We assist our clients in the process of promoting their employer brand using methodologies and digital marketing tools aimed at attracting the best candidates for your company.

Team Extension

Building an IT team is a long and costly process. It is often quicker to outsource and entrust IT processes to an external contractor. We help companies by providing ready-to-go specialists who can join existing projects at short notice.


Executive Search

A method of direct search for candidates for key positions in an organisation. We reach and motivate potential candidates with unique, highly developed competences, who best meet the employer's expectations and are not actively looking for a job at the moment.

Save up to 65% on the recruitment process

Much lower collaboration costs than under the Success Fee model

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Our mission and values

Supporting employers to find the best talent and enabling candidates to build exciting careers.




speed of operation


They trusted us

they trusted us


What clients and candidates are saying about us

"I really enjoyed working with Fast Forward Solutions. The FFS team quickly presented very good candidates. We were surprised by the speed and quality of service."

Karol Arendt

CEO & Founder, Eastend.co.uk

FFS is very professional in their approach. They have an intuitive understanding of a business's needs and are able to provide constructive help in the recruitment process. FFS Team has an excellent knowledge of it's candidates in the International sales & marketing and their professional approach makes them an ideal business partner for any company looking to recruit.

Gabriella Wach

IT Director, ANGA LTD.

I have known FFS for several years. Tom at FFS is an excellent strategist, identifying opportunities and delivering the promised results. I find Tom to be an innovative leader who offers creative solutions for sales recruitment and compensation planning. He has excellent networking skills, which he has used to source resources and recruit effectively.

Daniel Moore

Director and Head of Commercial Operations - APAC & EMEA, Datto Inc.