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What is a RPO 

Recruitment Process Outsourcingcan support some or all of your permanent staff through a comprehensive set of outsourced recruitment resources. Offering process excellence, scalability, cost savings, technology and predictive analytics, RPO provides rapid access to key talent using world-class recruitment methods.

The RPO solution can be customised with a dedicated set of services to directly address recruitment goals, requirements and challenges. Recruitment resources can be scaled up or down according to changing hiring needs, providing a high degree of agility. 

Our approach to ROP models


There are several factors to consider when determining which RPO solution is best for your organisation:

Full RPO.
A permanent solution covering all services related to permanent recruitment, including investment in recruitment systems. With our experience and the latest systems to identify and contact candidates, you will dramatically accelerate your process. A comprehensive solution provides the greatest savings, efficiency, hiring results, satisfaction and compliance, but is also the most complex and time consuming to implement. FFS will provide local and external resources to consult with hiring managers, process requisitions, source and interview candidates, schedule interviews, prepare and present offers. Comprehensive RPO often evolves through value-added services such as creating Employer Branding solutions

selective RPO.
Addresses and reinforces specific elements of your company's internal recruitment process. For example, many employers strictly outsource sourcing and screening processes while retaining key services such as interviews and offers. With selective RPO, you get best practice in services only.

Recruiter on Demand (ROD).
It provides as much recruiting as needed to help your company hit peak hiring, new business initiatives, product launches or achieve other business goals. An ROD solution allows you to add recruiting opportunities immediately, without the need for process changes or technology implementation; however, its impact is the least transformational and typically does not result in permanent process improvements.

Save up to 50% from the ROP

With the RPO model, the company can


Have your own dedicated team of external recruiters to work with. The key advantage, however, is the significant savings, which can be as much as 40-50%. The cost reduction is therefore significant and the quality of recruitment higher than in the case of traditional outsourcing, staff leasing or in-house recruitment.

Improve workforceplanning and execution with analytics tools build a robust talent pipeline through candidate engagement and employer branding.

Minimise employment costs by reducing reliance on external agencies and mitigating risk through best employment practices

Recruitment firm Fast Forward Solutions

Case Study of the RPO process for a company in the SSC/BPO sector


Acquisition of qualified professionals for the customer service department with knowledge of non-standard foreign languages (Swedish, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, French)
Duration: approx. 3.5 months
Objective: build up a team to take over the knowdledge process transfer of specialists from the respective countries

Key challenges: short timeframe to build a full team, including hiring 30 professionals within 3 months of starting recruitment; sourcing passive candidates not actively looking for work and therefore often having long notice periods in their current position; access to a large pool of bilingual professionals (fluent English and a second niche language) with unique competencies and culture fit.

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