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What is RPO

Outsourcing the recruitment process can support some or all of your company's permanent workforce through a comprehensive set of outsourced recruiting resources. Offering process excellence, scalability, cost savings, technology and predictive analytics, RPO provides rapid access to key talent using world-class recruiting methods.

The RPO solution can be customized with a dedicated set of services to directly address recruitment goals, requirements and challenges. Recruiting resources can be scaled up or down according to changing hiring needs, ensuring a high degree of agility.

Our approach to RPO models


Full RPO

RPO's permanent recruitment solution offers end-to-end services, including investment in recruitment systems, speeding up the hiring process with experience and state-of-the-art candidate identification systems. It offers cost savings, efficiency, hiring results, satisfaction and compliance, although it takes time and complexity. FFS provides resources to consult with hiring managers, process requisitions, solicit and conduct interviews, schedule meetings and present offers. RPO Recruiting is evolving through value-added services, including creating Employer Branding solutions.


Selective RPO

Addresses and reinforces specific elements of your company's internal recruiting process. For example, many employers strictly outsource sourcing and screening processes, while retaining key services such as interviews and offers. With selective RPO, you get best practices in services only.


Recruiter on Demand (ROD)

It provides as much recruiting as you need to help your company peak in hiring, new business initiatives, product launches or achieve other business goals. The ROD solution allows you to Add recruitment capabilities immediately, without the need for process changes or technology implementation; however, its impact is the least transformational and typically does not result in permanent process improvements.

Save up to 50% with RPO

With the RPO model, a company can ::

Have its own specialized dedicated team of external recruiters with whom it works. The key advantage, however, is the significant savings, which reach levels as high as 40-50 percent. The cost reduction is therefore significant, and the quality of recruitment is higher than with traditional outsourcing, employee leasing or in-house recruitment.

Improve workforce planning and execution with analytical tools build a robust talent pool by engaging candidates and building employer Employer Branding.

Minimize hiring costs by reducing reliance on outside agencies as well as mitigating risk through best hiring practices

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