Case Study:

Doxy Chain

Customer Profile

DoxyChain is an innovative Start-up, a pioneer of DLT DMS technology. It provides the first, most cost-effective, modular Blockchain infrastructure for DMS. It creates an entire Blockchain infrastructure for document management implemented by smart contracts, with APIs for major enterprise applications and other Blockchains. DoxyChain is a natural bridge between the older Web 2.0 and Web 3.0 - with a transition period of 2 weeks rather than 2 years. Enterprises joining the DoxyChain DMS ecosystem will also benefit from the network effect of DoxyChain. In this case study, we discuss the Head Of Sales recruitment process.



The company needed a Head of Sales. A person who would build a sales strategy, help and replace the CEO in the area of sales management, and hire and train a sales team. Doxy Chain tried to recruit candidates on its own by placing ads on recruitment portals, but it turned out that they did not meet the Company's requirements.

Doxy Chain's management contacted Fast Forward Solutions at the end of 2021 with their story of finding a competent person for the Head of Sales position who would relate to the startup's corporate culture and bring experience working in a corporation.


Action strategy and recruitment process

FFS met with Doxy Chain's Management Board and Supervisory Board (Level 2 Ventures VC Fund ) to get a thorough understanding of the challenges facing the company, its future head of sales, and to learn more about Doxy Chain's organizational culture. Being after the interview with both the Management Board and Supervisory Board, we knew who we were looking for.

We started our work with:

Preparing the profile of the ideal candidate

Mapping the Warsaw market of companies that could have experienced sales executives who would find their way into the startup's organizational culture

Develop a sourcing strategy

Develop and implement a communication strategy with candidates

Our sourcing strategy was based on reaching out to candidates using the Direct Search methodology identified through the Linkedin Professional Recruiter tool, and searching them in our unique candidate database in the Head of Sales category created through the most modern recruitment tools available on the market today. We then prepared a recruitment campaign with specific parameters and an email sequence. The challenge was to reach candidates who are thinking of changing jobs and at the same time have the right competencies that fit Doxy Chain's organizational culture.


During the 1st week, we provided 4 profiles, in our opinion the most suitable candidates, who could use their experience in contributing to Doxy Chain's market success. The company met with all the candidates we presented and selected a candidate who significantly exceeded the sales budget in her first quarter at Doxy Chain (Q4 2021). The management of Doxy Chain and the candidate recommended by FFS are very satisfied with the cooperation undertaken, and we are glad that we could contribute to the rapid development of the Polish start-up.

Number of candidates in the funnel

Number of interviews conducted

Number of candidates hired

Project duration in months


Tomasz from FFS is a professional in his field, the availability of quality professionals in such a short time is really impressive. With Tomasz we were looking for a person for the position of Head of Sales, Tomasz prepared candidates meeting our requirements within a week, and we as DoxyChain team had the comfort of being able to choose from the very best. I would definitely recommend working with Tomasz, he is a person who works closely with the client, gets involved and makes sure that the client is satisfied.

Gabriel Dymowski

CEO , DoxyChain

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