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Sigma Connectivity

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Sigma Connectivity is a dynamic technology company that specializes in developing advanced technical solutions for clients in various sectors. Since its founding in 2010, it has gained recognition as a leader in technological innovation, working with many international brands. Our client employs hundreds of specialists who work on projects for clients around the world. The company serves diverse industries such as telecommunications, consumer electronics, Industry 4.0 and many others. In this Case Study, we will present the process of recruiting a Business Development Manager



The client recognized the need to find an experienced International Business Development Manager to develop business in key foreign markets. The person in this position not only needed to have deep knowledge of technology, but also the ability to build and nurture relationships with international clients. In addition, a key requirement for the candidate was an in-depth understanding of IoT (Internet of Things) technology, which is one of Sigma Connectivity's core business areas. These types of candidates are at a premium for any company, so we knew how important this process was for the client. 

Foreign markets are crucial for technology companies like Sigma Connectivity. Access to new markets means not only more revenue, but also the opportunity to gain new knowledge, technology and partnerships. Therefore, finding the right candidate to lead the company's expansion into international markets was a priority.

Despite its own recruitment efforts, Sigma Connectivity encountered difficulties in finding a candidate who met all the requirements. As a result, the company decided to use the services of a professional recruitment agency.



In response to our offer of cooperation, the company asked us to help them find the ideal candidate for the position of International Business Development Manager. Thanks to our experience and network, and a very well-mapped sales candidate base, we were able to conduct an effective recruitment process that focused on candidates with international experience in the technology industry and in-depth knowledge of IoT technologies.

However, this project proved to be one of the more difficult ones we had the opportunity to implement. The complicated geopolitical situation (war in Ukraine) affected the recruitment process, causing it to be prolonged. This required us to be extra patient, flexible, and intensively monitor the global situation to adapt our recruitment strategy to the current challenges.

After several weeks of intensive search and interviews, we were able to present Sigma Connectivity with some exceptionally well-qualified candidates. In the end, the company decided to hire an individual who was a perfect fit with the company's culture, had the necessary experience in international business development and was an expert in IoT technology


The fruits of our cooperation, was the successful recruitment of a Business Development Manager by Sigma Connectivity. A valuable employee who plays a key role in the company's expansion in foreign markets and in developing innovative solutions based on IoT technology. This case study shows how important it is to have the right tools and partners in the recruitment process, especially when it comes to key positions in a technology company and in a challenging external environment.



As an HR Business Partner, I would like to share the positive experience of working with Fast Forward Solutions in the recruitment process for the position of International Business Development

The team from Fast Forward Solutions demonstrated not only an in-depth knowledge of the industry, but also an impressive ability to identify candidates who matched the required experience. We also received a great deal of support at the position construction stage: Thomas provided us with a wealth of information that helped define the highlights of the Sales role.

Thanks to the commitment of Fast Forward Solutions, we were able to hire a candidate, who in a short period of time began to influence the development of our sales strategies. I recommend Fast Forward Solutions as a partner in the recruitment process. Their expertise, extensive contact database and commitment to finding the best talent provide valuable support to any organization, which wishes to strengthen its team.
Monika Kostecka

HR Business Partner , Sigma Connectivity


Mr. Jacek led the recruitment process in which I participated. From beginning to end he kept his hand on the pulse and contacted me as soon as there was new information .. I appreciate the advice and commitment on his part.

Oskar Groblewski

Sales Manager, Sigma Connectivity

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