B2B sales-5 core competences

B2B sales-5 core competences

B2B sales - How to find the best salesman?

B2B sales-finding the best B2B salesperson is becoming increasingly difficult. Recent research shows that the best salespeople-those who exceed their targets year-on-year-account for only about 20% of the total sales force.

So what gives such a small pool of sales talent a competitive advantage?

B2B sales - What is it and why is it different?

B2B sales, or "Business to Business" sales, refer to business transactions between two companies, rather than between a company and an individual consumer. Unlike B2C ("Business to Consumer") sales, where products or services are sold directly to consumers, B2B sales focus on providing products, services or solutions to other companies. This can include everything from selling raw materials to manufacturers to providing software to technology companies. Due to the nature of the customer and the greater complexity of the transaction, B2B sales often require a more complicated approach and a longer sales cycle.


Here are 5 key skills that only the best B2B salespeople possess:


1. the ability to understand the B2B buyer

To be successful, a salesperson must understand his buyer. B2B decision makers are busy and don't waste their time on salespeople who don't understand their needs. Sellers who don't understand their customers are 73% less likely to succeed. That's why the best salespeople thoroughly research their customers' needs, participate in industry training and continuously learn.


2. ability to communicate values

The best salespeople know how to communicate the value of their product. Studies show that salespeople who can do this are 35% more likely to succeed. It is important for salespeople to focus on the customer's needs, not just the product. This means they need to be well prepared, know the competition and be able to customize their offerings.


3. ability to build trust

Trust is key in B2B sales. Unfortunately, many salespeople are not trusted by their customers. The best salespeople are able to build lasting relationships with customers, which translates into a greater chance of success. This means regular meetings, transparency in communication and integrity in performance.


4. critical thinking skills

In the age of "big data," the ability to analyze data is crucial. The best salespeople are able to use analytical tools to optimize their operations. As a result, they are able to better understand the market, the competition and the needs of their customers.


5. ability to manage time effectively

Time is money. The best salespeople know how to manage their time effectively to maximize their results. They use modern time management tools, such as scheduling and workflow apps.


Plus: Technology in B2B sales

Today, technology plays a key role in B2B sales. Top salespeople use modern CRM, sales automation and data analytics tools to stay one step ahead of the competition.


Summary - The key to success in B2B sales

Success in B2B sales does not come easily. It requires a combination of skills, knowledge and determination. As you can see, it's not just about knowing the product or service, but also about understanding the customer, building trust and using modern technology tools. In today's fast-changing B2B world, those who invest in developing these key skills will have a competitive advantage. If you're an entrepreneur or sales team leader, it's worth considering what steps you can take to help your team succeed. Fast Forward Solutions is here to help you through the process, providing you with the best talent and tools you need to succeed in B2B sales.