When it comes to the issue of salary in IT during the recruitment process, there can often be a lot of confusion. As an employer, you often have a certain salary range in mind when offering a job. However, job seekers may have completely different expectations and can demand several thousand a month more than you expected. This can lead to problems and misunderstandings during the recruitment process. In this article, we'll discuss the top 8 salary problems employers and employees face during the IT recruitment process, and how to solve them. Let's get started!


8 problems with salary expectations in the recruitment process - and how to solve them

salaries in it - problems

Unrealistic expectations

The most common problem with salary expectations is that job seekers often have unrealistic expectations. They may think they are worth more than what the employer is offering, or they may not realize the salary range for the position they are applying for. This can lead to frustration and disappointment on both sides, and can ultimately derail the entire recruitment process.

The best way to solve this problem is to be sincere from the very beginning. The candidate needs to know that they can count on you. Enlisting the help of a recruitment agency can be beneficial during the hiring process because they have access to reliable statistics on salaries for specific positions. This is due to the creation of charts of salary increases from, for example, 2022 compared to 2021. This type of information can then be presented to people who could potentially fill these roles.

They don't really want change

Employees usually don't want to change jobs, they only do so when another company offers a higher salary. This salary is then used as leverage to negotiate a raise with the current employer. In this way, he can probably get a counteroffer with a higher rate and stay with his current employer. This situation often happens in the realm of programmers in the it industry.

One way employers can deal with this problem is to offer a salary that falls within the job seeker's expected range. This will show that the employer is willing to be flexible and work within the job seeker's budget. In addition, you can offer other benefits such as extra vacation days, remote work, sick days or flexible hours to sweeten the deal. In this way, employers can often convince job seekers to accept a position, and professionals can change their minds quickly because of it.


Employing people less qualified than you

This is a big problem, especially in information technology. Very specific skills can't be verified as easily as you think. For example, finding talented Big Data, JavaScript, Java, Python, DevOps, Front end, Back end, Full Stack or other senior developers is difficult, especially when their salary requirements are presented in the form of a range of, for example, 18k - 20k (in Poland) and most often it is net.

Without knowledge of echnology, it can be difficult to determine how much money candidates should be earning and how to check whether their credentials are valid. In times like this, it's best to contact a recruitment agency that focuses on this particular area of the market. They will have the knowledge necessary to connect you with qualified individuals who earn what they are worth. Sometimes a person presenting themselves as a junior can solve tests created by the agency at the mid-a level.

Current employees may learn that the new employee's salary is higher than theirs

Awareness of a new employee's higher salary of several thousand zlotys per month is a very strong factor influencing other current it specialists. This can lead to jealousy and resentment among current employees. Despite the fact that more and more specialists are working remotely, it is not worth hiding. To prevent this, employers should openly communicate salaries. It is important that when hiring a new employee, you do not lose other equally good it specialists.

It is very important to regularly appreciate and take care of your current employees. This makes it less likely that they will hold a grudge against new employees. In addition, salary should not be the only thing that determines the value of an employee. Consider other factors such as experience, skills and work ethic when making salary decisions.

The impact of globalization on the recruitment process and pay rate

Globalization has had a profound effect on the economy, and this also applies to the recruitment process. Earnings in IT have grown faster and faster compared to previous years, and this industry is the highest. With the rise of the Internet, employers can now reach a global pool of job seekers and ubiquitous job ads. Remote recruitment or remote work itself has led to a more competitive job market, resulting in higher salary expectations and often recruiting from both sides without a word.

It is worth considering hiring a recruitment agency, especially in the IT field, which will facilitate the search for personnel and take into account all the features of a particular company. Also, a recruitment agency can help negotiate rates and benefits.

Candidates are not honest

The wage problem also lies in the fact that employees may still not be clear about their salary expectations from the outset. This can be confusing for employers and can cause them to waste time. Also, they often lie about skills and qualifications, such as adding an additional programming language they don't really know. This procedure is not only used by programmers.

One way for employers to avoid this problem is to ask job seekers about their salary expectations during the first interview. This will help employers determine whether they can afford the employee or a possible increase in the salary offer. It's worthwhile to use a recruitment agency, as they present potential employees you can afford from the start and don't waste your time.

IT is a very fast-growing industry, and yet there are not that many good professionals. A final salary problem is the shortage of IT professionals, which often results in very high salary expectations. One way to deal with this problem is to offer other benefits in addition to salary.

Transparent recruitment and hiring process is important

It is important to keep candidates informed throughout the recruitment process, otherwise they may feel ignored. Even at the level of planning job ads, you need to keep in mind a few important aspects. From the beginning of the job offer, the candidate should be aware of what type of contract is being offered (for example, whether there is a contract for employment, b2b or commission). Of course, he also needs to know what amount of zlotys he can count on - net and gross - preferably presented in the form of a fork.

Moreover, if the recruitment process does not understand their needs or expectations (e.g., salary), it will reflect badly on the company and make them less likely to accept a job offer. They may also demand more money than before, justifying it by the recruitment process used, which is not convenient, and the higher money is meant to compensate them for this

Cultural differences in salaries in the IT industry

There are often differences in salary expectations between cultures. For example, in some cultures, salary is not as important as other factors, such as job satisfaction or work-life balance. In other cultures, salary is the most important factor when considering a job. These differences can lead to problems during the hiring process.

One way to avoid this problem is to research salary expectations in the country where you are hiring. This will help you avoid misunderstandings later.

When recruiting people from another culture, it is important to be aware of these differences. This will help avoid misunderstandings or frustrations later. A recruitment agency can be a valuable resource in this regard, as they will be familiar with cultural differences and can help ensure that both sides are on the same page.

Signing bonus

A good signing bonus can be the key to the recruitment process. If you think the best candidate is about to give up on your recruitment, getting the right word out about the bonus your company is offering may get him or her on board. Signing bonus is very important in the recruitment process for a high position. Very difficult candidates may change their minds after you inform them of this bonus.

You need to keep these rules in mind during the recruitment process

1. honesty,
2. the recruitment process must be transparent,
3. clear presentation of requirements,
4. research as to the rate of pay,
5. staying in constant contact with candidates and responding promptly to their questions,
6. verification of both the candidate and their skills.

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