The sales team - digital transformation


Is your sales team ready to transform your existing sales process into inbound sales. Why are salespeople having more and more difficulty with cold calls?

The use of disruptive innovations is often thought of in terms of how they affect industry development. The use of the Uber app has modified the way the transport sector operates. Netflix has changed the way people browse channels on their TVs. But disruptive technologies that change the way we do business are often overlooked, and their impact is not always recognised in time, when it is not too late.

Companies like Hubspot have refocused the purpose of their marketing efforts on acquiring leads through the Inbound Marketing method. Conducting marketing activities in such a way as to provide customers with the content they need when they are preparing to make a purchase has facilitated a self-directed customer journey, where a potential buyer completes 80%-90% of that journey even before speaking to a sales associate.

For this reason, the previous Prospect - Demo - Close model, which has been used by sales departments for decades, is no longer effective.

Cold phone calls or cold email marketing are most often rejected by customers who do not wish to be harassed by tiresome salespeople and prefer to find out about the product themselves. The introduction of an innovative process has shown how outdated the sales model is in companies of all sizes.

It has been replaced by a new model that consists of the following steps: Identify - Explore - Connect - Advise and situates the salesperson in uncharted territory. Once qualified marketing leads have been collected, the sales department no longer works hard to close the deal. Sales professionals are tasked with focusing on the needs of buyers, not sellers. They are expected to act as advisors to their clients, guiding them through the entire sales process until they decide to make a purchase.

This process is called inbound selling, and salespeople are required to have a different kind of skill set. Is your sales team ready to change the sales process?


A transformed process means updated skill sets within the sales team.

The success of inbound marketing and lead generation programmes has put control of the sales cycle from the sales team directly into the hands of buyers. This shift in control has completely changed the sales process and the skills needed within the sales team.

Assessing and hiring a sales team capable of evaluating the sales process from the buyer's perspective will keep you at the forefront of sales while setting your company up for long-term sales success. Using a predictive assessment tool to identify sales candidates who are most likely to have the traits; skills and abilities needed for inbound sales, such as Chally, will help you find the right salesperson.

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