Case Study:

Recruiting Chief Marketing Officer for mobile app startup

Recruitment Marketing Director


Customer Profile

Our client, which is an innovative startup, specializes in developing mobile applications. As a leader on the Polish market, the company is growing rapidly, aiming to become a leader on the European market as well. With its focus on providing cutting-edge mobile solutions, our client addresses a wide range of users around the world. This case study will present the Chief Marketing Officer recruitment process.

Recruiting a Chief Marketing Officer is a challenge

In the context of their ambitious goals, our client needed an exceptionally skilled Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). The main challenge in this project was to find an experienced CMO who not only had deep knowledge and experience in mobile app marketing, but also expertise in User Acquisition (UA) in various international markets. Finding such a person was crucial to the startup's continued growth and expansion in the global mobile app market.


Chief Marketing Officer recruitment process 

Taking inspiration from other completed projects where we successfully found candidates to accelerate clients' expansion into international markets and applied similar strategies and approaches.

Client needs analysis: We began with an in-depth analysis of the client's needs in order to understand the specifics of the CMO role in the context of their business and the mobile app industry.

Building a candidate profile: Based on the information gathered, we created a detailed profile of the ideal candidate, taking into account not only marketing and UA experience, but also team management skills and marketing strategy.

Candidate Search: We used our extensive network of contacts and advanced sourcing tools to reach candidates from around the world who met the established criteria.

Selection process: We conducted a series of interviews and assessments to verify the candidates' competence and experience, focusing on their previous successes in UA and mobile app marketing. At the client's request, we arranged for Facet5 personality tests to be conducted for the Board of Directors like a short-list of candidates to minimize the risk of unsuccessful recruitment as much as possible.

Confidential Recruitment: At the Client's request, we did not disclose the company's name to candidates during the initial phase of the project. Only after confirming in candidates the competencies we were looking for did we sign NDA agreements with the best candidates on behalf of the Client. In this way, we were able to safeguard the confidentiality of the project.

Presentation of candidates: We selected the 7 best male and female candidates and presented them to our client, providing detailed information about their experience and skills.

Final Decision Support: We actively supported the client in the decision-making process, actively participating in each of the client's interviews with candidates/candidates by providing additional information and recommendations.

Number of candidates in the funnel

Number of candidates presented

Number of candidates hired

Number of days from the start of the project to the hiring of the candidate (Time to Fill)


Thanks to our commitment and specialized approach, we were able to find and hire the ideal candidate for the CMO position. The new CMO, with extensive experience in User Acquisition and mobile app marketing, quickly adapted to the company, contributing to its further growth and expansion in international markets.


This project demonstrated the importance of understanding the specific needs of the client and the industry in which they operate. By focusing on core competencies and experience, it was possible to find the ideal candidate who not only met the requirements, but also certainly contributed to the growth and success of our client. This is how we successfully completed the Chief Marketing Officer recruitment process.

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