6 reasons why your company should hire a Marketing Growth Manager

6 reasons why your company should hire a Marketing Growth Manager

Growth hacking, aggressive viral marketing it? If the collapse of the speculative Internet or Internet bubble has taught us anything, it is that an intense desire for rapid growth can lead to poor judgement, poor decision making and therefore weak companies. Following these events recently, a large number of Internet companies have been growing like crazy ... And the end result? Billions of dollars have been lost. Profitable companies like Cisco and Amazon have lost over 80% of their market value.
And most importantly, most of us have discovered that single growth doesn't mean that much. The higher you rise, the harder you fall. Sales and profits are essential, but not growth. This was typical common knowledge from about 2001 to 2010. But then Facebook came along
Around 2010, few people saw a way to profit on Facebook.


Reasons why companies like DropBox, Google, Instagram and Uber are heavily recruiting growth managers and growth hackers . They believe in this strategy because in a world where the competition for expansion is increasingly competitive, you need a dedicated growth manager It can even cause your business to shrink and ultimately neglect instead of ending up at the top, where you ideally want to be.


Here are six reasons why you should start looking for a growth manager who can improve your growth strategy sooner rather than later.


Setting growth targets


Growth is not necessarily the main goal of your existing departments. Online marketing, R&D and sales should have their priorities, and growing your business is not one of them. Here's why. You want one person in charge of your marketing goals. This person will decide how much you need to grow and how you do it. He/she will even hold other employees accountable, ensuring the business gets to where it needs to be. As growth becomes a necessity rather than a luxury, you want someone to oversee the growth, and this person is your growth manager. However, this is (strictly speaking) not the main reason to use it, as it is superseded by others.


Collection and interpretation of data


Growth hacking and IT marketing are primarily driven by data from actual website performance. It follows that the primary goal of a growth manager is to create an effective method of collecting and interpreting data. This is the cornerstone of growing your business. And one of the most important ingredients for continuous expansion. Properly, a growth marketer should use tools like e mail marketing, Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, SemRush to learn more about what people are doing on your site (and your program). Research presents best practices that can benefit your organization. Interact with customers and evaluate their experience with your small business. After that, it's time to get it done.


Use of data


When Growth Marketing collects data, it can (and should) be used to deliver high customer value. Specifically, data should be used to create better-tailored marketing efforts, refined service delivery, customer profiles, identify customer needs, wants and habits, think of new ways to increase sales, and minimize costs and efficiencies. Once you start collecting data, turning it into valuable information such as this becomes a full-time job - you'll need a business development marketer to do it.


IT marketing, sales, coordination of research and development


There is no 'I' in growth, and this is important because consistently growing the business requires the whole organisation to run smoothly. In particular, the sales department needs to work on finding new ways to move more goods while reducing yields. Marketing needs to increase the return on investment in advertising and find new ways to get customers and business information. The research and development department must consistently create products, use products and packaging options that appeal to shoppers. And who will coordinate all the employees in these departments?


Coming up with new ideas / experiments.


Whenever you have all the required information and your sections are working together, you want to test new things. This way you discover new methods to advertise, develop and build your new brand. All nice, but what do you work on when coming up with fresh ideas and experiments? Your expansion manager, of course! He/she is an addition to the big question! We'll answer that sixth, and finally, the reason to hire an expansion manager.


To automate, scale and systematise


As you may have noticed, growth is time consuming and labour intensive. As such, recruiting growth supervisors is the best way to find ways to automate tasks, even those that can't be automated at first glance. In fact, the rise of hacking, expansion has directly driven the development of services such as Zapier, which enable task chaining across multiple apps including Gmail and GetResponse etc. as they reduce the number of tasks that can take hours of button clicking. This is the sixth reason why you need a growth manager.

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