Remote management of a complex of salespeople and sales support is not an easy task. Yes it is more difficult to do it remotely. Your employees may be selling by phone, online, face-to-face, among others - regardless of the method of selling, you need to work out a universal way to manage this team, verify the results, and carry out a satisfactory hiring process for the employee every time. How to do this effectively? Read this article and find out what to do to make remote management successful.

Recruiting managers - reducing the number of responsibilities

If you manage a group of many salespeople, you will have a hard time reviewing the work of each of them. A much easier and more efficient way will be to recruit managers or team leaders. Actually, each of them can monitor and verify the work of a smaller group of salesmen, and you will only keep in touch with managers or team leaders. This way you can focus on other priorities. For example, take care of market analysis, developing effective methods. This will make it much easier to conduct video calls over the Internet, during which you will discuss each problem, stage, marketing strategy. Managers will be responsible for motivating the salespeople they manage, checking and consulting on results, conducting training. The smaller the groups you manage remotely, the easier it is to communicate effectively. Think about change, build smaller teams. Their greater efficiency will turn into real profits, much greater than if you managed all the salespeople alone. If you are looking for managers, also applying remote team management - contact us.

New reporting systems - IT recruitment

A great way to communicate with the team, assign tasks and create projects is to use IT systems. In this case, it is best to carry out IT specialist recruitment. That is, hiring a person responsible for selecting CRM systems, testing, customizing and managing them will ease your burden considerably. The IT specialist will select the solution best suited to the nature of your company's operations and train your employees. Without buying several systems, as you can have your own systems. First think about what kind of solutions you are looking for. Do you only want to verify working hours, or maybe implement more projects and run reporting by each salesman? Then you can review the solutions available on the market yourself, or you can decide to hire a specialist to choose the best one, train your employees, implement the system and manage it. If you are looking for employees and your intention is future IT recruitment, then be sure to take advantage of our recruitment assistance offer. In summary, we will help you find employees who meet your requirements, and remote management of your sales team will be much easier for you.

Remote management is also a development

The current pandemic situation has made it increasingly difficult to sell. That's why it's a good idea to focus on business development and introduce new services or improve current ones. A good way to do this is to manage remotely, i.e. move to e-commerce and develop your business online. During the pandemic, many customers have increased confidence in online shopping. Both those for services and products. If you decide to expand your business, not only will you need to develop a new strategy, introduce products or services tailored to the needs of the market, but you will also need to recruit new employees who are perfectly comfortable working remotely. If you want recruitment to go smoothly and identify the best candidates, don't go it alone. Enlist the help of specialists to assist you throughout the process.

Effective remote management and recruitment

This is a complicated process that requires several verification steps. Therefore, it is much more beneficial to use the offer of professionals with experience. FFS will help you at all stages of remote recruitment. First we will get to know your needs, ask pertinent questions in order to find out who you want to hire and for what purpose. Then we will create a strategy, review the candidates' offers verifying their knowledge. The effective recruitment we offer also includes video meetings with candidates, during which we will check their knowledge and whether they fit the candidate profile and the business model you are working in. Later, we will introduce you to a few finalists, present them, and you will make a decision. We will not leave you once you are hired, we will contact you after a week, a month and a quarter. Assistance in building a remote operation? Remote management will be much easier with our support. You can use our services whether you are looking for multiple employees or just one. See our offer and use our services and you will improve remote operation with your sales team.