Remote team - a new era of collaboration

The year 2020 brought with it many surprises and challenges. As we entered the year, few of us predicted that remote teaming would become so commonplace. Many of us have had to adapt to a new reality in which the office has become a virtual place and face-to-face meetings have been replaced by video calls. So how has our remote team coped with this challenge, and how can we improve our remote interactions in the coming year?

Optimizing collaboration in a remote team: The key to success in 2023

Tactics to improve collaboration in a remote team

A recent Harvard Business Review survey showed that many managers feel insecure about managing a remote team. What steps can we take to improve this dynamic?

Tactics to improve collaboration in a remote team

A recent Harvard Business Review survey showed that many managers feel insecure about managing a remote team. What steps can we take to improve this dynamic?

  • Communication standards: In a remote environment, communication is key. We need to define how and when our employees should communicate. Regular meetings, clear communication guidelines and appropriate tools can help maintain transparency and efficiency. It is also worth considering introducing weekly team meetings where employees can share their achievements and challenges.
  • Understand personality: In the office, it is easy to understand a colleague's personality through daily interactions. In a remote environment, this is more difficult. However, we can use various tools and assessments to better understand our employees and help them work better together. Introducing regular feedback sessions can also help us understand the needs and expectations of each remote team member.
  • Unstructured time: In the office, we have many informal interactions that help build relationships and collaboration. In a remote environment, we need to create space for these interactions, even if they are virtual. This could be a weekly "virtual coffee shop" during which members of the remote team can talk freely about a variety of topics.
  • Learning as a team: joint training and courses can help strengthen bonds within a team. When we learn together, it's easier to work together. You may want to consider introducing regular workshops or training courses to help you develop the skills you need to work effectively remotely.
  • Choosing the right tools: The market for remote collaboration tools is growing at an alarming rate. We need to make sure we choose the ones that will really help our remote team be more productive. Regular reviews of the tools and technologies we use can help identify areas for improvement.

Priority for collaboration in a remote team

Working remotely brings many challenges, but also many opportunities. We need to understand how the different personalities on our team affect the dynamics of collaboration. We also need to adapt our tools and processes to better serve remote work. Another year of uncertainty lies ahead, but with the right preparation we can make remote team collaboration our greatest asset.

As we approach the end of the year, it is worth considering how we can improve our remote interactions and prepare for the year ahead. We may not know what the future holds, but we can prepare for it by adapting and learning from our experiences.

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