Why is onboarding so important? Finding the best candidates for positions in your organization is only part of building an effective team. The onboarding process can be one of the most critical factors in ensuring that newly hired talent are productive, satisfied employees.However, in some organizations, this process is often confused with orientation. While orientation may be necessary - paperwork and other routine tasks need to be completed it is the comprehensive induction process involving management and other employees that can take up to 12 months.

Organisation of work in a company should be properly planned. However, practically every employed person should work on its proper course. Only then it is possible to have a team which will cope with each task perfectly. This is extremely important, because often each member is responsible for a specific part of the entrusted task. Only cooperation between all of them will make it possible to complete it on time.

What is onboarding?

From time to time, every company needs to hire another person. It is not always possible for this person to work on the company's premises. That is why every year online hiring becomes more and more fashionable. Of course, much depends on the specifics of the company, as well as the scope of its activities, but it is true that this concept is extremely broad. As a rule it refers to a new employee, and in fact to the whole process of introducing him or her into the life of the company after a positive interview and a decision to employ him or her in the organisation. Every company needs to hire someone new from time to time, so it is important to remember about it now. Surely, the initial fears will pass, it is enough that we get to know each other well, as well as everyone gets to know the scope of their work. Separation of tasks is extremely helpful, as it improves the functioning of the entire team, and thus the company functions properly. Sometimes it only takes a few days for everyone to forget that there is someone new and to treat them like any other employee.


Effective onboarding - what should I keep in mind?

The arrival of a new employee in the company on the first day is a big stress for the new job. For permanent employees, it is the moment when someone completely alien enters their environment. This person will have an influence on the course of tasks or the atmosphere in the team. The new person often feels lost and does not know what to expect. The first impression plays a key role, because each party has a chance to get to know the other party, as well as to quickly verify whether we can count on fruitful cooperation and a pleasant atmosphere. Of course, it is not always possible for the first impression to be correct. A very good element is the situation where the direct superior sends an e-mail about the start of work of a new employee on his/her first day of work. The personal data procedure should be kept in mind here.

The induction of a new employee should, above all, take place in a friendly atmosphere. He or she will have to learn a lot in a short period of time. Special attention should be paid to preparing a detailed plan for the employee's induction. Along with scheduled online meetings with other team members, the general assumptions of the company, its vision on further development, but also the complete organizational structure. At this stage, he or she will find out on whom it will depend how much work he or she will get, but also to whom specific tasks or questions can be addressed. Often the procedures for the circulation of documents, holidays or how any tasks completed over and above the normal schedule are accounted for are also discussed. A new employee should thoroughly familiarise themselves with the onboarding process, learn about their responsibilities, but also further development options and become familiar with the company's hardware or software they will be working on.

At the end of the probationary period, a debriefing meeting should be held with the employee to assess their induction process into the new organisation.

Who is responsible for onboarding a new employee?

In fact, there is no one right person who will be responsible for onboarding a new employee. Much depends on the size of the company, its structure or scope of activity. Most often it is someone from the HR department, but it can also be a manager or the boss himself if the company is small. Depending on whether there is one or several employees at a given time, such inductions can be done individually or in groups. It is obvious that in a situation in which a larger number of people are employed, it is worth conducting the introduction of employees en masse. Such an approach will not only shorten the time necessary for this task, but above all it will be possible to answer all questions or dispel doubts in an efficient manner. It is worth appointing one person who will provide additional help during the first few days, as well as help to implement the entrusted duties. On the face of it, this may seem difficult, but everyone has started at some point, which means that it is worth taking up the challenge. After all, a new employee will help with the execution of orders, improve the functioning of the company, and above all, it will allow you to relieve others. In every company, sooner or later the need to employ someone additional arises. Therefore, the size of the business will not be a major problem, because at any time there will be a problem and a need for additional hands to work.

Above all, it is important to remember about the right atmosphere and the right induction work with the new employee. A lot will depend on our involvement in this process and it may influence the Employer Branding of the organisation. Kindness and willingness to help will result in getting the right person in the right position. Moreover, in the future, it may be that their help will prove to be of maximum value. It is necessary to remember that everyone had to start at some point, therefore an efficiently conducted onboarding of a new employee, despite the stress, should take place in a maximally friendly atmosphere.

The worst thing for a new employee is being hassled through the recruitment process and then starting work and the receptionist isn't even expecting the new employee or their desk/office computer isn't prepared.