The candidate should be ready not only to accept and understand these values, but also to act in a manner consistent with them, being fully committed to the mission of the family business.

Recruitment in a Family Business - Different from all Others

Family businesses are an undeniable pillar of many countries' economies. Combining centuries-old traditions with innovation, they bring their unique approach to doing business. From the latest Family Businesses Index 2023 shows that the world's largest family businesses are generating huge revenues, reaching $8.02 trillion in 2022, up 10% from the previous year. This growth is not just the result of expansion, but also the result of the need to hire new employees. So how do you go about recruiting in a family business?

What is the recruitment process for a family business?

Recruitment in a family business is a unique challenge. The process is rooted in the values and traditions that are characteristic of such companies. The selection of candidates is not just about verifying their professional skills. It's also about looking for people who will be able to integrate into the company's culture and actively contribute to its long-term development.

Based on my experience in recruiting for family businesses, there are two main types of candidates. The first group is conscious candidates. These are individuals who deliberately choose to work in a family business, discouraged by previous experiences in corporations. They value a less formal atmosphere, faster decision-making processes and greater autonomy. The second group is made up of cautious candidates who fear that objectivity and professionalism will be more difficult in a family company. They fear that decisions may be dictated by family ties rather than the best interests of the company.

So the family nature of a company can work in its favor, but it can just as well be a challenge. And what elements should you pay attention to when recruiting for a family business?

Below I describe the five, in my opinion, most important elements to consider in the recruitment process for a family business:

Key elements of recruitment in a family business

Family businesses have a unique cultural heritage that reflects the values, traditions and standards nurtured by generations of owners. To successfully recruit to such a company, it is necessary to understand this culture and be able to empathize with it.

Understanding the culture of a family business

Candidates should not only understand, but also identify with the company's values. Intellectual understanding is not enough; what is needed is a full willingness to implement these values in daily work. The candidate should be ready not only to accept and understand these values, but also to act in a manner consistent with them, being fully committed to the mission of the family business.

Matching the organizational structure

In family businesses, it is common to find a flat organizational structure. The ability to collaborate across levels and perform multiple roles is important. In this context, the candidate's ability to interact effectively and act synergistically at various corporate levels becomes a key value.

Flexibility and adaptability

In family businesses, the approach to decision-making and direction-setting is often more dynamic than in larger corporations. In this context, the candidate's ability to effectively interact and synergize action at various corporate levels becomes a key value.

Loyalty and commitment

A family business needs employees who look at their role as a long-term commitment. Commitment to the company's mission is key. Such employees are willing not only to invest their time, but also their heart and passion to succeed with the company, ensuring its stability and growth for the future.

Effective communication

In a company where family and professional relationships are intertwined, the ability to communicate clearly and sensitively is important. Ultimately, it is not just the ability to convey information, but a deeper understanding and respect for the unique structure of such a company that translates into effective cooperation.

Keeping these key elements in mind when recruiting can help you find the perfect candidate who will not only bring professional value, but also be a cultural fit.

Recruitment in a family business - culture over technology

Recruiting for a family business goes beyond the traditional search for qualifications and skills. It includes understanding and empathizing with the culture and values that are the foundation of a family business.

In such a process, it is important to find candidates who not only meet the technical criteria, but also have the ability to integrate into the company's culture, share its values and are ready to bring something unique to the company. It's not just about finding someone who will "fit in" to the existing structure, but someone who will help it grow and develop in the future.

Therefore, while skills and experience are important, the right cultural fit is key. The ultimate success in recruiting lies in finding those who will not only bring new skills and perspectives, but most importantly will be able to integrate into the existing team, sharing the company's values and committing to its long-term growth.

As a result, recruiting for a family business becomes an investment in the future of the company, where each new employee brings not only his or her skills, but also his or her heart and passion for shared success.



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